The Teslasuit is the Virtual Reality Future

The "Smart Textile" suit at a glance.

Virtual reality has been on the rise for quite some time in gaming, but things have just gone to the next level. A UK based company has just invented what they call the Teslasuit; a skintight, full body suit that gives your senses the most accurate virtual reality possible. The suit is made up of a few pieces (each sold separately) such as the T-Gloves, the T-Belt and the full body suit known as the “Smart Textile” system. Apparently the suit will also be compatible with all current VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, just to complete the whole set-up.

Using EMS – Electro Muscular Stimulation – the suit can duplicate feelings ranging from a feather light touch to a bullet shot. On top of the sensation of touch in game, the EMS tech will also support temperature control to simulate the feeling of any environment. Motion Capture technology is being implanted into the suit as well, so you’ll be able to record your movements in game. Anyone that has read Earnest Cline’s Ready Player One will recognize the similarity between the Teslasuit and the Haptic suit used in the novel; it may be possible that the world of OASIS isn’t as far off as we might have imagined. Either way, this suit could truly be the future of gaming in the 21st century. Pre-orders are being taken now for the working prototype at a starting price of $1,499.

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