The Technomancer, a New Sci-fi RPG

If Fallout 4 and Mad Max were to have a child together, what would that baby look like? Just picture it for a second. Ok, now imagine that baby was born and raised on Mars. Sprinkle it with a little Mass Effect fairy dust, and what do you end up with? Well, if your imagination works the same as mine, you end up with The Technomancer.

Developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive are bringing a new sci-fi RPG to the world (or to the Red Planet, in this case) starring a “mage-warrior” named Zachariah who is imbued with a unique electrical power. Trained from birth to fight and harness this ability, he’s a deadly warrior, further enhanced by his cybernetics.

Details on the storyline in The Technomancer are scarce at the moment. Zachariah must find answers to “a myriad of questions as his future grows threatened by the secrets of his past,” according to Spiders’ website. He is also fleeing from the Secret Police, probably because of his past as well. In addition, Mars has been isolated from Earth for over one hundred years, giving rise to new organizations and power struggles that will undoubtedly affect Zachariah’s ability to navigate the barren, dystopian planet in his quest for answers.

Spiders has promised “dynamic conversations” that have a significant role in missions and are supposed influence the story. Speaking of story, Technomancer will have five separate endings, presumably based on a player’s decisions throughout the game. Hopefully that Mass Effect fairy dust I mentioned earlier hasn’t colored this aspect of the game.

Zachariah will have time for arts and crafts as he traverses the dusty wastes of the Red Planet too. He’ll be able to create weapons, equipment and armor both for himself and the companions that he sways to his cause. These same companions will have different relationships with our electrical protagonist depending on how they are treated. Some footage even mentions that romancing is possible.

Well, my curiosity is piqued. The Technomancer will be released in 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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