The Glory of Combat Racing is Back in Grip

Where have all the racing titles gone? With the exception of Forza and Gran Turismo, the racing genre has been relatively quiet for what seems like, or feels like, too long. Perhaps it’s merely been drowned out by other genres and the sea of headlining games they have brought into the world. Indeed, most racers I’ve played over the last couple years have felt bland and unoriginal, too focused on realism and not enough on creativity.

A small studio named Caged Element is hoping to breathe some life back into this underserved game type.

Grip, released today on Steam’s Early Access program, wants to revive and relive the glory of racing with guns and guts. “Inspired by the Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000, GRIP is a new IP for a new generation. A return to the hardcore combat racer, bristling with heavy weapons and packing ferocious speed, the game is an intense, sensory feast.”

Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

These guys have announced plans for a staggering amount of content, and a genuine desire for strong replay value.

The cars in Grip are lightning-fast and armed to the teeth. Since the wheels are larger than the body of the vehicle, they can ride upside-down, speed along walls or cling to ceilings. They’re meant to be as badass as possible. No specifics as of yet, but the developer is promising a variety of rides, all with a great deal of customization options. Oh, and weapon pickups.

Caged Element is building a large variety of maps, or tracks, on a multitude of planets. As indicated in the footage above, at least some of the environment will be destructible as well. There will also be six game modes: career, arcade, time trial, arena, precision and multiplayer.

But, a futuristic combat racer isn’t complete without a fitting soundtrack though, is it? No worries, Caged Element has that well covered—hell, even the trailers had great music! Check out the impressive list of contributing musicians on their site.

Just let all of that sink in for a minute. Are you not entertained?

Grip looks polished, extensive and exciting. If there’s any game out there that is poised to bring gamers the intensity and enjoyment of a great racing experience, it’s Grip. Grab it on Steam’s Early Access now for $15.99 and keep a wary eye on the horizon for the PS4 version coming in the future.

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