New Worlds Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3

April 6, 2016 0

Besides Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 is probably the most anticipated title from Square Enix. Unfortunately, besides a few mentions of it from E3 2015 and Jump Festa, nothing much has been revealed for the game. While we still don’t have a projected release date or even the main […]

Spotlight Game of the Week: Jade Empire

February 24, 2016 0

When I say the name Bioware, what’s the first thing you think of? Mass Effect? Dragon Age? Baldur’s Gate for the nostalgic ones out there maybe? I think of Jade Empire; possibly the most under the radar game that they have ever released. In a time before EA tried to strangle […]

Five Best Star Wars Games

December 19, 2015 0

The entire world seems to have Star Wars fever as Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks record after record at the box office. Here are some of the best Star Wars games that you can revisit after you see the movie, if you haven’t already! Star Wars: Knight of the […]

Most Important Technical Achievements in Video Games for 2015

December 3, 2015 0

2015 has been a very solid year for gamers on all platforms, but as the year comes to a close, it’s time to start looking back and thinking about what worked this year and what didn’t. Here is a short list of our favorite technical achievements that developers achieve this […]

Sony Allows PlayStation 4 to Emulate PlayStation 2 Titles

November 19, 2015 0

Recently, Microsoft has been getting a lot of attention with their most recent update, which included backwards compatibility for over 100 Xbox 360 titles. However, Eurogamer reports that it appears that Sony has enabled select PlayStation 2 games to run on the PlayStation 4 through the use of an emulator. […]