15 Finalists Announced for 2016 Video Game Hall of Fame

March 30, 2016 0

On Monday The Strong National Museum of Play announced the 15 finalists that will be considered for recognition at this year’s World Video Game Hall of Fame. The finalists cover a diverse selection of games, from classics such as the Oregon Trail to relatively modern titles such as Minecraft. See […]

Spotlight Game of the Week: Legend of Dragoon

February 9, 2016 0

The Playstation One has a magical library. It really covers every single genre that you could imagine and satisfies every craving that you have – and some that you didn’t even know you had. There is an arguable amount of Playstation One titles that could be considered underrated just because […]

Spotlight Game of the Week: Brave Fencer Musashi

January 21, 2016 0

It’s that time again to scour through the cast out, forgotten and misunderstood. So many games lie in wait for their opportunity to rise up and claim that they are better than what we think of them and it’s my duty to liberate them from that bondage. This week focuses […]