Rocket League Update Launches Season 2

Last week, Psyonix tweeted that their new update that would launch soon – and today, at 5PM Eastern Time, that update went live.

The new update, entitled Rocket League Update 1.11, sent the Rocket League servers down for a short while, but when they came back it began the much anticipated Season 2 of the game. So what does Season 2 mean for Rocket League fans?

First off, the rankings have been reset and players have been issued rewards determined by their rank in the first season. The ranking system has also been revamped for the new season. Ranks no longer go up or down dependent simply based on victories and losses, but are instead determined by a new formula that monitors many different aspects of player performance. That formula will determine which tier players will be entered into.

The new update also includes new items, such as EDM producer Deadmau5’s distinctive mouse head helmet, and three new maps. Those maps are Utopia Retro, an homage for the classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, Underpass, which features different elevation levels, and Double Goals, which features, as you may have guessed, two access points for each team’s goals. More maps are expected to be added by Psyonix as they are completed.

The update comes just in time for the launch of Rocket League on the Xbox One next week, although some gamers were disappointed to hear that the Xbox One version would not be compatible with the PlayStation 4 or PC versions, meaning that Xbox One users will not be able to play against gamers on other systems.

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