Possible 2017 Release for Elder Scrolls VI; Potential Skyrim Sequel

Bethesda Game Studios is on a high right now with the success of Fallout 4, and despite it not winning Game of the Year, Fallout is on its way to being the best selling game of 2015. So what does the Maryland based company have up its sleeve next? Why, the next Elder Scrolls game of course. Hold on to your hats though, because they may be doing something different this time around.

It was rumored quite awhile ago that the next game would be called Elder Scrolls VI:Argonia, but now there’s talk of it being called Skyrim 2 instead; this would be the first true sequel in the franchise history. While Skyrim was an amazing game, long time Elder Scrolls fans are calling foul on this. It’s just not the way things are usually done and there is a fear that it will derail the entire series structure and canon storyline. Along with the Skyrim sequel talk, there have also been reports of the next game being more of a spiritual sequel to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. If Bethesda goes the way of Argonia, the Morrowind rumor may prove to be true with how close the two continents are on the mythical world of Tamriel that the Elder Scrolls takes place in.

Bethesda hasn’t said anything to set any of this in stone quite yet, deciding to focus on making Fallout 4 as good as they can with their upcoming DLC releases and staying relatively hush on the Elder Scrolls. The studio does have two separate teams though for the two games so the next Elder Scrolls could very well be in development now and ready for the 2017 release that’s been hinted. At this point it would seem that all we can do is wait patiently for Bethesda’s word.

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