Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary

That title alone might have made you feel old, but trust me you’re not alone there. It’s been 20 years since Pokémon Red and Green first hit Japan back in 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it may have taken a year or two to get over to America, Pokémon has become little less than a global phenomenon since its creation.

The series has sold over 275 million copies worldwide, shipped out about 22 billion trading cards to 74 different countries, along with 18 animated series and more sequels than you can shake a stick at. Pokémon has become the industry changing face of Nintendo since the early 90’s. Sparking the anime craze in America like no other show from Japan had previously done, and creating an addiction for kids that could rival heroin.

To celebrate all the greatness – and sometimes wacky chaos that the fan base brings –Nintendo is bringing back the beloved games we all grew up with to the 3DS. In America that means Red, Blue and Yellow. As a retro purist I was thrilled to find out that everything would be just as I remembered it. The sprites, the weird overhead view of the protagonist, all of the original Pokémon cries, everything.

Everything except a necessary change that is. Remember when you would stuff your link cable in your backpack so you could trade with kids at recess and finally evolve your freaking Kadabra? Yeah, those things don’t exist anymore. Thankfully Nintendo has given us something slightly better though. Instead of linking up with cables you have a local wireless network so you can connect with anyone around you that also has the game. Unfortunately there’s no online support to trade and battle with your friends worldwide, which is slightly inconvenient in the world we live in nowadays, but I suppose we can’t have everything.

There are also a few interesting tidbits that have been confirmed. Game Boy printers will still be intact for one. The representative for Nintendo said that they don’t have the tech to hook up a Game Boy printer with a 3DS yet but they left it in the game anyways because; reasons. Surfing Pikachu also remains intact in the game. If you don’t know Surfing Pikachu, he’s a rare Pikachu that knew Surf and unlocked the mini-game Pikachu’s beach. On top of that he was only available during a limited contest giveaway originally, so this could be a first time for a lot of us to catch him.

The only thing that should even be slightly unnerving about this rerelease is the murmurs surrounding MissingNo. The rep said that he wasn’t sure if the glitches were removed or not, and we can really only interpret that in two ways. The first being that they took it out and don’t want to scare off the people that may not buy the game knowing that fact. MissingNo. was a big part of the original Pokémon game after all; it was the glitch. The second is that he’s still there and Nintendo wants us to find out for ourselves; just like we originally did.

Now if they could find a way to add Mew in there and not completely crash my game this could be the perfect remake. I do know a certain truck near the S.S. Anne that’s been waiting to be moved for about 20 years now . . .

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