Playstation VR Promises to Support Entire Playstation 4 Library

The Playstation VR has been a pretty hot topic lately. There’s plenty of other virtual reality set ups such as the Oculus Rift, but the Playstation VR or PS VR, has been inciting a lot of conversations with gamers. Unlike all of the other virtual reality products coming out right now, the PS VR is the only one from a notable developer with decades of success under their belt.

Thankfully the PS VR has been consistent with updating the public on the progress of the system. Just recently we found out that not only will you be able to play all of the upcoming VR titles on the system, but it will also support every PS4 game released in what they call Cinematic Mode. Cinematic Mode allows you to see you games on a movie sized screen (around 5 meters wide) to play your normal games in a way that’s bigger and more immersive than ever before. You’ll also be able to watch movies with this same feature, so even if you don’t have a giant flat screen virtual reality will make it feel like you do.

Now to be honest, the PS VR isn’t as powerful or universally compatible as the Rift or HTC’s Vive. However it makes up for that with a lower price tag than the other two at $399 – compared to Rift’s $599 tag and Vive’s $799 one. Granted you have to buy a $60 Playstation camera and a Playstation Move controller but let’s be real, the cost of both of those things isn’t going to hike it up past $500 all together, still making the PS VR more cost effective than the other virtual reality set ups.

The PS VR will make its debut in October of this year. That’s months after the other virtual reality releases, but you could argue that Sony wants to watch the market before they let their product run free. We’ll find out how it unfolds as the year goes on. After all virtual reality could very well be another trend that will eventually die out, only time will tell.

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