Playstation 4’s 3.5 Update and the Secrets It’s Keeping from You

The long awaited PlayStation 4 3.5 update hit this week and it brought along a bunch of goodies. You have the ability to limit your parties and turn your profile offline or online when you’re PS4 is active. Along with those party features you can also get rid of the pop-up that appears when you take a screenshot and you can now tag people in your screenshots as well.

Of course the biggest shift that the update brought was the Remote Play capability between your PS4 and a PC or Mac. Like I said in a previous article, the Sony Remote Play function coming to home computers gaps the distance between consoles and PCs better than anything else I’ve ever seen on the market. All of those are pretty nifty features, but some recent posts on reddit suggest that there’s more to the update what’s on the surface.

Apparently the USB music player that was removed in a previous update has been reinstalled with the 3.5 update. There was some critical – if minimal – backlash about the merger of the music player with the standard media player, so this could have been a little surprise for those fans. In addition to that, a search field has been added for the game list so it’s easier to find specific streams.

Most importantly however, the PS4 is displaying improved compatibility with 4 TB hard drives after the update. Before you upgrade your memory though, be aware that there’s no 100% confirmation that the feature supporting the 4 TB hard drives will work without any problems, although there have been no negative reports thus far about it, so proceed with caution.

Even though the 3.5 update just came out there are already leaks about a 4.0 update that Sony has planned to release in the near future. After PC Remote play, you have to wonder just what tricks Sony has waiting up their sleeve. Perhaps cross platform gaming really is in the works? Only time will tell.

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