New Worlds Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3

Sora just got serious!

Besides Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 is probably the most anticipated title from Square Enix. Unfortunately, besides a few mentions of it from E3 2015 and Jump Festa, nothing much has been revealed for the game. While we still don’t have a projected release date or even the main story concept available, it was announced that there are two new worlds that we can expect from Kingdom Hearts 3 – and both have something to do with the massive takeover Disney has done since Kingdom Hearts 2. That’s right, Marvel and Star Wars are about to make their Kingdom Hearts debut!

Marvel will center on the Avengers, sometime after the first movie’s timeline, in New York. It hasn’t been announced which of the Avengers will be playable for your party yet, but judging by fan favorites my guess would be Thor, Iron Man or Captain America.

Star Wars will focus on a mission with Han and Chewie, sometime after Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens – so don’t expect Rey, BB-8 and Finn to show up. Unlike the Marvel teaser Square Enix didn’t reveal where the Star Wars plot will be happening so there’s still plenty of speculation, but with the prevalence of space travel in Kingdom Hearts, many fans have their fingers crossed for the ability to pilot the Millennium Falcon if nothing else.

It also hasn’t been reveled how the Heartless will play into either of these stories, but that’s more or less standard for most Kingdom Hearts worlds. Since E3 2016 is right around the corner, Square Enix is probably just waiting for the right time to reveal all of the necessary details. Hopefully then we’ll see a release date and more info on the growing world of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the character’s that will be available inside of it.

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