Man Suing Bethesda over Fallout 4 ‘Addiction’

Video game addiction mania has officially come to Fallout 4, as a Russian man from Krasnoyarsk is seeking to take legal action towards Bethesda due to his ‘addiction’ to the open world RPG. The man claims that his addiction to the game led to him losing both his wife and his job, and is requesting about $7,000 in damages to cover his emotional distress.

As reported in an article put together by the Russian state media service RT, the man purchased Fallout 4 after seeing an advertisement for the game, stating that he intended only to play it for a couple of evenings. But he was apparently drawn into to compelling world of a dystopian Boston and began skipping work and meet-ups with friends while his health deteriorated and his wife left him. The man stated “If I knew that this game could have become so addictive, I would have become a lot more wary of it. I would not have bought it, or I would have left it until I was on holiday or until the New Year holidays. ”

The report also stated that there has never been a case such as this to set a precedent in Russia, although in 2010 a Hawaiian man somewhat successfully sued NCSoft over his addiction to Lineage II. The man did not receive a settlement in that case, but the court did order NCSoft to pay his legal fees.

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