Madden 16 Predicts Panthers Win the Super Bowl

madden 16

Every year, EA Sports uses its flagship football series, Madden, to predict the Super Bowl. The series is eerily accurate, having guessed 9 out of the last 12 Super Bowls correctly – right down to the exact score of last year victory by the Patriots over the Seahawks.

According to the Madden 16 simulation, the Carolina Panthers will shut down the Denver Broncos for the first half, only for the Broncos to come back over the third and fourth quarters. During the final minutes of the game Cam Newton will score a dramatic rushing touchdown to earn the Panthers their Super Bowl title. Newton will also be named the Super Bowl MVP with 216 yards, a 19-26 passing record and the winning touchdown.

USA Today commented on how the prediction is affecting players. Ted Ginn Jr. told USA Today Sports “I don’t even want to talk about that,” despite the fact that he had been discussing his fondness for the game only a minute earlier.

Super Bowl 50 airs tomorrow, Sunday, February 7th on CBS.

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