Like Fine Wine, the AI of Tuebor Get Better with Age

I’m sure that we can all agree that most video game AI is the farthest thing from intelligent. Making the AI smart enough to pull the wool over a human’s eyes is hard to do though, so it’s to be expected that eventually the gamer will figure out how the AI functions so that they can exploit it. I know that I could predict the movements and actions of the AI in most of my favorite games before their programming even told them do something.

So what if I told you about a game that learned from the gamer the longer they played? That would mean that the AI would figure out all of your little tricks sooner or later, eventually forcing you to grow even smarter or die in the process. Well you don’t have to dream about this existing because it’s already in the process of becoming a reality thanks to Arend Hintze, a researcher from Michigan State University who is developing the game Tuebor.

Tuebor is set in a technologically advanced Earth in the year of 7235. Humans have evolved and mutated, becoming less and less like the image of their ancestor’s every coming year. While the war torn territories battle over every scrap of land with only minor peace settling in the bigger metropolis that are few and far between. The world of Tuebor takes a new spin on the apocalyptic future by immersing it in interesting lore and sci-fi backgrounds. The lore only adds to everything too. With the world in a constant war, you’re sure to feel more unsettled over time with enemies around every corner that only get smarter over time.

Of course if players don’t want to deal with the ever increasing challenge of an AI that learns, they can choose to disable the system and just play the storyline as is. Of course they would be missing out on the perks of the learned AI since the friendly NPCs also get smarter over time and in turn are able to better help the player through the game better. Whatever way you decide to play, Tuebor is something that should stay on your upcoming radar. It looks to be a wholly unique new experience in action/adventure gaming that other franchises could learn a thing or two about.

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