Let the Games Begin – First eGames Olympics Announced

All around the world Olympic hype is starting to fire up and for the first time the gaming community is being included in all of it. With the rise of eSports and eGames competitions, the biggest gaming competition in the world – the Olympics – has decided to capitalize on the new trend.

Starting with the Summer Games this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this new competition will run parallel to all of the upcoming Olympic Games in the future. The 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang and the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo have already confirmed this.

The eGames Olympics will start small at first with a two day event showcasing each nation’s teams in different competitions that have yet to be announced. Brazil, Britain, Canada and the USA have all confirmed that they will be participating in this new event, and plenty of other countries have been in contact about it so expect the list to grow of participating countries.

Team shirts have already been created for the countries competing.
Team shirts have already been created for the countries competing.

While most of these eGames competitions usually have a cash prize for the top player, the eGames Olympics will work a little differently. Players will be competing for medals and national pride, much like the foundation of the traditional Olympics. There are some in the eGames industry that are calling foul on that, seeing how some competitions can land a team thousands – if not millions – of dollars every year. That’s not the spirit of the Olympics though and hopefully the big players of the world will understand that.

Information on this new event is still coming in so check out the official site of the upcoming Olympics eGames here and keep up on all the current news about what could be the biggest eGames competition in the world.

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