JJ Abrams Confirms Half-life and Portal Films Still in Development


During an interview about the newly released 10 Cloverfield Lane, JJ Abrams stated that the Half-Life and Portal movies that were announced in 2013 were still in development.

This news came as a shock to fans, many of whom hade assumed the long silence surrounding the projects was an indication that they had been cancelled or lapsed into an indefinite hiatus. When asked by IGN if work had commenced on the project, Abrams responded “Not yet, but they’re in development. And we’ve got writers, and we’re working on both those stories. But nothing that would be an exciting update.”

The films were announced at the DICE Summit in 2013. Gabe Newell was also behind the official announcement as it arose out of Newell expressing interest in making movies with Abrams and using Half-Life and Portal as examples of potential projects.

While both Portal and Half-Life exist in settings and game world’s that may seem fairly difficult to translate to the screen, Abrams is certainly one of the most promising candidates to lead such a project. Two of Abrams most notable projects were the highly successful Star Trek reboot and the most recent Star Wars film, which over the last few months has become the third highest grossing film of time.

In addition, Dan Trachtenberg, the director of JJ Abrams most recent project 10 Cloverfield Lane, actually came to prominence in the strength of his independent film based on the Portal universe.

With highly anticipated adaptations of both the Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed franchises on the way, 2016 is looking to be an exciting year from video games and film. Check back with us for more updates about these projects and other video game based films.

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