Homefront: The Revolution Release Date Leaked?

Oops! Someone's in trouble... (Image taken from http://www.gamewatcher.com/)

Since it appears that the release date for Deep Silver’s upcoming Homefront: The Revolution has been accidentally leaked by Target Inc., it seemed time to officially preview the game.

Philadelphia, birthplace of the Continental Congress and nerve center of the American Revolution, has been occupied by Korean forces. It’s not yet entirely clear if these forces are supposed to be paramilitary and part of a planet-wide Korean corporation or if they’re simply a North Korean military invasion force. For the purposes of this game, it may not matter a great deal. In any case, the occupation has been choking Philadelphia (and presumably the rest of the US) for four years. Resistance forces are massing, unleashing their brutal guerilla warfare on the damnable interlopers. Enter American Revolution 2.0 as one of these brave freedom fighters.

This new first-person shooter strives to make players feel inferior, and if you think about it, that’s a good thing. What resistance movement out there, past or present, isn’t outclassed in some way? In general, occupying forces will have more weapons, better weapons, more troops, more resources, solid communication, etc., the list goes on. That imbalance is exactly what Deep Silver wants gamers to grapple with Homefront.

The open world of Homefront: The Revolution will not feature any scripted combat sequences, according to the game’s website. Players will need to be crafty, taking advantage of elevated positions or cover and concealment for ambushes, hitting the enemy hard and then vanishing. However, the more daring one can be, the more potential for reward in the form of captured weapons or equipment there will be as well.

A resistance is nothing without the manpower to fight it and so recruitment is vital to its success. Players will need to go about swaying others to join the fight. Just as important, building or capturing bases and secret safe-houses from which attacks can be coordinated or launched. Gamers can even form “Resistance Cells” with their friends, playing cooperatively and earning renown.

For all the things that sound great about this new title, it still seems a bit plain. Sure, the gameplay looks solid, the combat intense, and the graphics excellent. And yet, there’s nothing overly original about it, no particularly unique ideas, nothing that really sets it apart. Indeed, the very idea of this new game is nearly identical to the Red Dawn movies, especially the newest one.


If the accidentally leaked reservation card at Target turns out to be legitimate, then PC, Xbox One and PS4 gamers will get to fight for America’s independence a second time on 05/17/16.

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