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Occasionally, I find myself excited about a game that I typically wouldn’t like, or one that I don’t need. When I first previewed Grip, it caught me off-guard. But, based on what I saw, I decided to give it a shot.

Now that I’ve had a couple days to blast my way through this crowdfunded combat racer, I can report that it’s a game racing fans ought to have on their radar.

Grip consistently gave me an adrenaline rush as my futuristic car flew around the tracks at break-neck speeds, my pulse fueled by the pounding bass of electronic music in my eardrums. The races were punctuated by evading incoming missiles from opponents, dodging mines and frantically trying to remember around which bend the next obstacle was located. I never felt that I was safe from harm or that I had an insurmountable lead.

Despite this, Grip never seemed too challenging either. Caged Element has achieved a comfortable balance, but in case you’re looking to give yourself a heart attack, they’ve also provided plenty of options to increase the difficultly.

Grip is in Early Access currently, but the kind folks over at Caged Element have provided a decent amount of content nonetheless. There are a total of seven maps and five game modes: standard races, Elimination, Deathmatch, Playground and Time Trial. Each one presents its own appeal and unique challenges, adding more replay value to this bargain of a game.

Grip is a pleasant and exciting surprise. It doesn’t feel overly combat oriented, and it’s not just a run-of-the-mill racer either, and it’s loaded with potential. The whole experience was a sort of edge-of-your-seat tunnel vision. It’ll pull you in, scramble your brains, and strain your heart, and still have you screaming for more.

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