GameStop Declares a Decline in Sales Through the Year of 2016

If you play games, chances are you shop at GameStop. It’s the one stop place to pick up consoles, collectibles, controllers, along with pre-owned and new video games. Regardless of the fact that we all shop there, the heads of GameStop are saying that there is going to be a decrease in their numbers throughout this following year.

Despite the confidence that Wall Street seems to have that the stock dip that GameStop took will rise again later on in the year, GameStop doesn’t agree. Also, Wall Street expected $4.09 per share this year, GameStop however, predicted anywhere between $3.90 and $4.05 per share. This may not seem like too much of a difference, but in the stock market even a few cent difference between shares can make a huge impact.

With the rise of digital downloaded games, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a retail video game store would go the same way as a movie rental store. On the other hand though, GameStop is the most convenient place for most people to get used games or video game/nerd themed merchandise so it doesn’t completely make sense that their sales would drop drastically like GameStop seems to think. On top of that, GameStop is offering bonuses for digital downloads bought through their store that should boost sales even more. GameStop may not have much faith in their 2016 sales, but they seem to be doing alright from the consumers stand point.

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