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Have you ever wondered who’d win between a knight, a samurai and a Viking? I think most of us have discussed it at some point, especially if you’re into history and fantasy lore like I am. Ubisoft wants to give gamers the opportunity to settle those arguments once and for all in its upcoming third-person, multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash For Honor.

In For Honor players will get to choose from three famous warrior types: the samurai, medieval knights and Vikings. Each class will have its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Gamers would be wise to be conscious of these when they wade into the 4 vs 4 arena matches looking for blood. These matches will no doubt have a variety of game types, but simple zone control (called Dominion) is the only that’s been teased so far.

Ubisoft has recently confirmed again (it was first mentioned at E3 2015) that a single-player campaign will be available at launch, but no details on it have yet been made public.

As you can see from the footage above, Ubisoft’s new IP is almost entirely about intense close quarters combat. Utilizing a new control system aptly named The Art of Battle, dueling is meant to be straightforward. Inspired by Jason Vandenberghe, For Honor’s Creative Director, and his time spent taking German longsword lessons (seriously), combat should feel fluid without losing a sense of skill or strategy. This new system allows players to choose where to block, where to strike (and how hard), or to feign an attack, all in ways that align with their warrior’s strengths. The sword should be as though an extension of your hand—that’s got to be an ancient proverb from somewhere, right?

If you were into Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or War of the Roses, you should be watching and listening closely for more news on this upcoming IP. Firstly, it looks to bring the action to a more manageable and personal level and to do away with the mindless charging and chaotic hordes of the two aforementioned games. Secondly, it looks damn good in terms of both graphics and action. On the other hand, it does appear to be lacking strategic depth, at least for the moment. Hopefully more will be revealed over the coming months and we can get a better idea of what the full game will be capable of. Stay tuned.

No official release date has been announced yet, but Amazon is currently showing it as December 30th, 2016 (sounds unlikely). When it does finally launch, it’ll be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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