Fallout 4’s Last Secret Possibly Unlocked

Bethesda always does the unthinkable with their Fallout and Elder Scrolls titles. Hours upon hours of Easter eggs completely unrelated to the game itself are poured into each title, alongside an innumerable amount of other secrets. It’s almost the mission statement of Bethesda Softworks to keep their players searching for years and years for some random nonsense secret that was hidden much too well for the average gamer.

Fallout 4 is no exception to this of course. Countless hours have been spent on this game already by thousands of different gamers trying to uncover every detail that the game has to offer. It’s almost been six months since the games release and with that many people looking for the fine details you would think that everything worth finding has been found right? Wrong.

Recently Todd Howard announced that there were still a few secrets hidden in Fallout 4 that are yet to be found. The mention of a terminal secret captured the attention of Lavonicus, an avid fan of the game who has already done the massive job of cataloging all of the underwater sections of Fallout 4. He did the unthinkable recently by going through every building and location throughout Fallout 4 in order to find all of the terminals in the entire game in order to piece together this secret.

This seems like a daunting task but it didn’t really bother Lavonicus that much. He was quoted as saying this in Kotaku recently:

“It’s not that difficult to do, it just gets extremely tedious. Going from building to building making sure you’ve explored that building. Exploring outside and around that building . . . I used a grid map . . . filled in square after square to keep track of where I had been. I also wrote down the name of every building I went into.”

There are a total of 1,364 terminals that Lavonicus found throughout the game. While he’s admitted that even though he found every one he still doesn’t know what the secret is exactly. Thankfully though, Lavonicus took a picture of every terminal and the content within them and posted them all to his Steam gallery for anyone to check out in order to decipher this mystery. Who knows, maybe you’ll crack the case.

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