Dead Effect 2, Zombies in Space

Up until today, I’d never heard of BadFly Interactive. Now that I have, I’m surprised that they didn’t pop up on my radar long ago. The studio’s first entry into the market was Dead Effect, an FPS that currently rates as “Mostly Positive” on Steam. On February 22nd, BadFly’s second game will hit Steam’s Early Access platform.

Dead Effect 2 is actually set in the same spaceship that the first game is, the ESS Meridian. Although BadFly claims the sequel has a “clever storyline,” I’m not so convinced.

“In the distant future, you find yourself once again aboard ESS Meridian, far away from Earth, in deep space. You were created as a weapon, without fear or restraint. But right now, they cannot control you. An unexpected danger lurks in the shadow of the spaceship. Someone or something new is waiting for you there. It has the power to take over your mind, and once it’s there, it never leaves. Will you become the hunter or the prey?” That’s all BadFly had to say on its site when describing the plot of Dead Effect 2.

Zombies? Check. The same spaceship? Check. Kill them all again? Check. Call me crazy, but this sounds vaguely familiar of the first title.

All that aside, there’s still a good amount to get excited about here. The graphics look great, especially for an indie studio, and I’m a big fan of the artistic style. The horror elements appear well done, adding suspense and unpredictability to this science fiction FPS. Players can choose from three characters and have a plethora of upgradable equipment at their disposal, including bodily improvements and special powers. A three-player (due to only three characters, I’m guessing) cooperative mode is being developed as well. The campaign is said to take over 20 hours, and before you get upset about that, just keep in mind that the upcoming Doom is slated to be about only 13 hours.

Dead Effect 2 did also achieve 2nd place the Very Big Indie Pitch contest at PG Connects Helsinki 2015.

All said, that’s a pretty decent offering for what will very likely be a relatively cheap game—Dead Effect (2014) is only $4.99. Or, if you’re not convinced yet, Dead Effect 2 is already available on iOS and Android devices for free (with in-game purchases), so you can try before you buy.

Dead Effect 2 Screenshot

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