5 Video Games that Should be Made into Movies

February 22, 2016 0

It’s common knowledge that most movies based on video games haven’t fared too well, critically or commercially. Although there are some upcoming movies looking to change this – such as Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed – the future doesn’t look all too bright, at least when it comes to what has […]

Top Ten Best Reviewed Games of 2015 By Platform

December 30, 2015 0

Determining the best game of the year is a tricky subject – the whole process is too subjective and emotional to ever find one definitive candidate, unless something truly revolutionary comes along. But an interesting exercise is to take a look at what games excited the critics and thanks to […]

Top Ten Games Inside of Games

December 2, 2015 0

I love Easter Eggs. However, there’s no particular Easter egg that excites me as much as finding a game inside of the game I’m currently playing. Anyone that’s played the recently released Fallout 4 knows exactly what I’m talking about. There are a handful of games that can be played […]

The Retro Corner: Top Ten Influential Games of the N64

November 29, 2015 0

Most of us hardcore gamers knew Nintendo well growing up. For the majority of us Nintendo started our gaming lives with either a Super Nintendo or an N64, depending on the age group you talk to. I won’t even try to talk down the greatness of the Super Nintendo, everyone […]

The Ten Best and Worst Games of The New Console Generation (So Far)

October 31, 2015 0

Using data from the review compilation websites GameRankings.com and MetaCritic.com, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best, and the ten worst games of the new console generation (Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U) so far. The Top Ten: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4) – Average score: 97.2% […]

The 10 Best Zombie Games Ever Created

October 30, 2015 0

Although zombies and video games have gone hand-in-hand for decades, the combination has never been more prevalent – and popular – than it is today. In honor of this, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the 10 best zombie video games ever created. Here we go: 10. […]