Bully and Manhunt are the Newest PS2 Titles to Hit the PS4

Time to stir up some trouble on the playground again.

Keeping up with the current trend of porting PlayStation 2 titles to the PlayStation 4, Sony added Bully and Manhunt to the PlayStation Store yesterday. This is also keeping up with the trend of porting Rockstar developed games to the PS4. Of course these wont just be simple ports, both titles will get polished with upgraded 1080p graphics and all the typical PS4 features such as the Remote Play, Trophy and Share capabilities will be available as well.

Like Rockstar’s biggest hit, Grand Theft Auto, Bully and Manhunt were both controversial in their own ways. Bully was rather endearing, delivering the same tongue-in-cheek humor and countless hours of side paths that fans came to expect from GTA, while toning down some of the mature themes that turned some audiences off from GTA. It amassed enough of a following for a remaster on the Xbox 360, in the forms of Bully: Scholarship Edition, but this port will be from the original PS2 title.

Manhunt on the other hand was a snuff film come to life, with you being the desperate pawn to act out all the brutality at the whim of a mysterious director. While the initial thought of that concept sounds shocking, Manhunt asks a tough question that softer titles would neglect. How far would you go to to be free and keep your life?

Sony has done a good job building a respectable library of PS2 games that stretch across all sorts of genres and audiences. It’s exciting to see what they may have cooking next. Especially given that neither of these games were on anybodies radar to be released. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised every now and again though.

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