An Overview of Sony’s First-Ever Press Conference at the Paris Games Week

Playstation is determined to make 2016 their year. Gearing up to celebrate their 20th anniversary they have a slew of new releases and exclusive titles for the upcoming year, many of which they shared at this year’s Paris Games Week. It’s the first time that Sony has made an appearance at the Paris Games Week, but they attempted to make it a moment that no one would forget.

The first game on the docket was Street Fighter 5, which was announced as a Playstation exclusive earlier this year. However, Capcom is doing something a little different with Street Fighter this time around. With the rise of micro transactions in triple A titles, Capcom is doing their best to appease both sides of the party and has introduced two new currencies for Street Fighter. First there’s Fight Money, which you receive just by playing the game, and then there’s Zenny, which requires real world cash to be transferred into your game. Essentially they do the same thing, which is unlock the six characters to be added post release, bringing the character roster to sixteen. The only difference is that one comes completely free, with a lot of hard work. This is a good step in the right direction, if micro transactions are going to be a thing of the future, game developers should at least reward the dedicated gamer for the time they’re going to put in regardless. Street Fighter 5 will be available everywhere on February 16th 2016.

Sticking to upcoming fighting games in the next year, Tekken is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as well. Instead of moving forward with their franchise story however, Tekken 7 is going to take us back. Way back to the beginning before the first Tekken, to explain the canon story like none of us have known previously. Not much was said about Tekken 7 besides that, but we can expect to hear more about upcoming characters, new game modes and exclusives from Bandai-Namco in the future months.

Another exclusive to Sony, Gran Turismo, is one of the most popular and iconic racing games of all time. After a 3 year break its back, and this time it’s a whole new challenge. While not technically the seventh installment of the long running franchise, the new game, named Gran Turismo Sport, offers something no other game has before; the chance to win a real racing championship from the comfort of your own living room. The FIA, or Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, has teamed up with Polyphony to create the Gran Turismo Championship Cup which are two simultaneous online competitions; the Nation Cup and the Manufacturers Cup. The Nations Cup will let you race for your home country against the rest of the world, and the Manufacturers Cup will allow you to race for your favorite car manufacturer. The champions of these two titles will be given a winners ceremony by FIA. This will be the first time in history that the video game world has mashed up with the motoring world, and all in celebration of 100 years of motorsports.

It wasn’t all triple A spotlight at Paris Games Week for Sony. Quantic Dream reminded us of a tech demo they released in 2012 by the name of Kara, a game about an android that finds out she has the ability to feel emotions. Many of the consumers that were able to experience Kara were deeply moved by it. They asked the developers countless questions about what happens to this android next, but received no response; until now. Quantic Dream has just announced the full fledged story of Kara, now called Detroit: Become Human. It entails what it means to be an android in a world full of humans, and what it means to be human in a world full of androids. The story sounds riveting and deep in a way that not many games are willing to traverse in these times. Judging from the trailer alone, I believe that Detroit is something very special to keep your eyes on in 2016.

Last, but certainly not least, is No Man’s Sky. A few years ago the gaming world was absolutely rattled by the

introduction of No Man’s Sky. The game is more diverse, more amazing than anything we had ever seen before, and to the surprise of everyone, it is all procedurally generated. As the months have drug on, the hype for No Man’s Sky has waxed and waned as we’ve been starved for information about it – only to be smacked with another expo or late night television promoting it. Finally we’ve been given an answer from Hello Games; No Man’s Sky will appear on the Playstation June 2016. With a vast universe beyond comprehension, No Man’s Sky will be an adventure that none of us are soon to forget.

That about wraps up the coverage of this year’s Paris Games Week for Sony. There will be plenty of games to look forward to in this coming year, many of them old franchises with some new gems added to the mix and every one of them polished to near perfection. Sony is on an indomitable roll right now with no signs of slowing down or stopping. Here’s to 20 more years of greatness with Playstation and a wonderful year of gaming in 2016!

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